Running shoes woes…

My first foray into running was in 1992 and our Regional Manager in Cebu was kind of a running addict, that is, all conversations always points to that direction.  In fact, with all due respect to our Ultramarathoners, he was one of 2 executives from our company (the other was our former GM ) who finished the Baguio-Manila megathon as they called it then in 5 days and was featured in a sports magazine way back in 1993 would you believe?  I still have that commemorative shirt with me till now but I didn’t realize that I’ll be able to finish an Ultramarathon this year, the BDM 102.  When he first invited me to run one sunday ( I was still a rookie then so I don’t have much choice do I?), he noticed I was wearing a Nike Hi Cut (he he) and since he’s also a photography buff, took my picture and inscribed a note “Keep on running, your wife will love you more for it” which I still kept since 1992!  Unfortunately, Typhoon Ondoy flooded all our pictures so even if I try to scan it, the picture quality won’t be that good if I post it.

Since I started running seriously in 2008, I’m not really sure where my problem really lies when it comes to my running shoes, is it the shoe type, style, or size?  Ten years ago, I still remember just buying any running shoe with the right size then you’re ready to go but now, with gait analysis, and Stability, Motion Control, and Neutral types coming to the fore, I still cannnot find the perfect shoe that I can stay with for the next two years.  It seems like looking for the holy grail, I  already wrote about my woes in one of my posts but I’m not about to give up, as long as I’m still fit to run, the crusade continues. I’ve tried almost all brands of shoes and I’m not really good in reviewing shoes but I’ll try my best to remember some of them and how I felt whenever I used it, here goes;

Circa – 1991 – 2007

1.  Nike – my first real running shoes – okay with me

2.  Reebok – So so.

3.  Avia – one of the best I’ve had, I actually ran faster using it, probably got a good fit

4.  Brooks – slightly okay

5.  Saucony – next to Avia, one of my favorites also

Circa 2008 -present

1.  New Balance 903 – I bought two, a size 9 and 10 to check which fits better, I used this during my first full mary at SCM Singapore.

my 903's

2.  Adidas Supernova – didn’t really connect with me so I was only able to use it 3 times  and gave it away.  I always experience leg pains during those runs but not with another shoe on the next day.

My Supernova which did not really connect with me, had to give it up after 3 runs due to leg pain..

3,  Asics Kayano 16 – Although the cushioning was great, I developed  pain in my sole and metatarsals as the shoe did not really fit me well so there was rubbing which intensified during runs.  Bought it for 8,500 but I have to sell it for 4K after a month or so.

4.  Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 – the cushioning is not that good, it was quite hard and the pain in my metatarsals continued although I used it in BDM in the first 40K

5.  Asics 1150 – this is one of my favorites now, after the first 40K with Mizuno during BDM with metatarsal problems which bothered me no end, I changed with this shoe and the pain was instantly gone probably because of the good fit with me.  I used this during my first duathlon and I didn’t have to change shoes at the bike transition, that’s how good the feeling was.

6. Nike Structure Triax 12 – same with the Asics 1150, I don’t experience pain either in the sole or metatarsal so I already used it for half -mary’s and during training.

So there you are, the last 3 are what I’m using at present.  I’m also posting much delayed pictures of some of my runs here and abroad (I’m too lazy to upload) ..

In Corona, CA, running along the main road

In Auckland New Zealand

running in Raleigh, North Carolina

At one intersection in Vilnius, Lithuania, the one taking the shot, a local waiting for a bus had a really hard time taking this shot, we had to do a take 4..

At the Uffizi in Florence, Italia during my run around the city

Citta de Pisa..

At the Colloseum in Roma

The real Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy not in Mckinley he he..

Arriving in Madrid

Wide open running route in Madrid from the place where we stayed..


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St. Luke’s Pedia Dep’t. Fun Run

I will be joining this run since a lot of doctors here are personal friends and my colleague, Jon Caliwag asked for my help in disseminating this info.  See you there Dr. Francis Dimalanta!


St. Luke’s Pediatric Department Fun Run
May 23, 2010, 5:15am
The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City



8 years old and above – P400 (P100 will go directly to the beneficiaries of PAA)
Below 8 years – P150 (P100 will go directly to the beneficiaries of PAA)

Race kits will be released starting upon payment. The race kits include the following:

  • Race number
  • Race map
  • Safety pins


To join the fun run, a participant should register prior to the event by filling up an entry form that can be obtained through the following centers/outlets:
o    SLMC MAB 110, 118 and 136 from 10am to 4pm
o    All Terra Club 650, C-5 Road, Libis (next to Shopwise)
o    SecondWind Running Store, Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village
o    Registration may also be downloaded from

For online registration, deposit payment to SLMC Pediatric Alumni Association BPI CA# 3895800219. Fax the deposit slip w/ your name and contact number together with your registration form at (02) 7219400

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Nature Valley Run 2010

Event Details

  • Event: NATURE VALLEY RUN 2010 (RUNRIO Trilogy Leg 2)
  • Race Day: May 30, 2010
  • Race Venue: 28th Street (beside NBC Tent) Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
  • Distance Categories: 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K
Registration Venues
Early Registration Period: April 15 to May 12, 2010
  • SM Timex Shops – North EDSA, South Mall, San Lazaro, Glorietta
  • Watch Republic – Robinson’s Galleria
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Late Registration: May 13 to May 20, 2010
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Online Registration: April 15 to May 12, 2010

Registration Fees

3Km – Php400
Race Number, Singlet, Timing Chip, Nature Valley Loot Bag, Nature Valley crunchy Granola Bar, Photovendo, Race Analysis
Gunstart 5:50am

5Km – Php600
Race Number, Singlet, Timing Chip, Nature Valley Loot Bag, Nature Valley crunchy Granola Bar, Photovendo, Race Analysis
Gunstart 5:40am

10Km – Php600
Race Number, Singlet, Timing Chip, Nature Valley Loot Bag, Nature Valley crunchy Granola Bar, Photovendo, Race Analysis
Gunstart 5:25am

21Km – Php750
Race Number, Singlet, Timing Chip, Nature Valley Loot Bag, Nature Valley crunchy Granola Bar, Photovendo, Race Analysis, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt
Gunstart 5:10am

Important Reminders

  • Registration may end earlier than the announced deadline. (Registration kits may run out before May 20, 2010).
  • Singlets will be given to the first 7,000 registrants. There will be no guarantee size of singlets for late registrants.
  • Disposable timing chips will be used by all participants during the race.
  • Medals and RunRio shirts will be given to all 21Km finishers.
  • Nature valley loot bags and bars will be given upon finishing the race.
  • For questions, contact the secretariat at (02) 703 1736.
  • For further details, visit

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BDM 102: I Survived!

With searing heat reaching up to 41c, and blisters in my foot (left and right) starting at KM 73 the only thing going in my mind at around Km 92 was to just finish before the 18hr cutoff.  It was scary to say the least, step after excruciating step I kept on asking my running buddy the time and computing in my mind how long it’s gonna take us in the last 10kms.  But I survived with barely 10 minutes before cut-off, I don’t know where I got my strength in the last 2 kms as one Manong told me that finish line is very near so I summoned whatever I had and sprinted all the way to the finish line.  My time: 17hrs 49.59 finishing 99th out of 104.  Not bad considering we started at 140?  More on the race on my next post, took a leave today not so much on the body pains but on my two feet with throbbing blisters. 

Somewhere in KM 90


KM 92, the last 10 kms was the hardest


Getting my trophy and medal from BR at Km 102 marker

At the finish after 17hrs 49mins

My lone support, photographer, cheerleader, massager, driver, my wife Raquel, I love you for believing that I can finish..

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This is it! BDM

In a few hours, I will be starting on my new journey and add another chapter in my running adventures.  Ultramarathons fascinate me because runners who join has that certain guts and spirit not found in regular joe’s so to speak.  I’m not even sure if I can hurdle this challenge, it’s a virtually unknown territory for me but with support coming from my family and friends, hopefully that will give me the much needed boost up to the finish line.

Lord thank you for this opportunity and may you bless all runners who will start tonight…

SC Marathon Singapore

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With 4 days to go before the dreaded BDM 102K, I thought that nothing’s gonna change in my daily habits, it’s as if the race is just one of those sunday races or LSD’s that I join but last night was different.  I suddenly found myself  tossing and turning in bed, and realized that I’m actually having butterflies in the stomach .  I cannot describe the feeling;  anxious, excited, afraid of what will happen and the like.  Although I had the longest run at 59K two weeks ago,  the last 43k would probably be a struggle physically and mentally.

I’ve tried keeping myself busy so as not to think about it all the time, but at the same time preserving my body for the long grind ahead , my last trip would be in Subic this Friday then prepare the whole day of Saturday. 

So fellow BDMER’s, let’s go for the kill! Attack the roads as if it’s the last race we will be doing and finish injury free, God Bless us all…

Running in Vilnius, Lithuania June 2009

Condura Run 2009 with Takbo.Ph

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Just another Condura story..

A lot of success stories has already been written about (probably) the best run for the year in Manila, the Condura Run for the Dolphins. I’ve qualified this as I was fortunate to experience running in one of my favorite runs for the year which is the Cebu Marathon last month, a world class marathon next to  Standard Chartered Singapore which happens to be my first full mary.

The real story however is once again my failure to finish in Sub-5 hrs so you can just imagine my disappointment at the finish despite finishing in another PR.  Check my stats and weep, there’s always something that hinders my goal to be reached everytime I run the full:

1.  Standard Chartered Singapore – Dec 2008 -5:45 – Understandable as it was my first and I just quit  smoking in September that year. (One dead toenail)

2.  Botak -May 2009 – 5:23 – Slightly okay but I have to change shoes at the halfway mark due to a dead toenail caused by my ill-fitting Saucony shoes.

3.  QCIM- October – 5:33 – Again I have an issue with my NB 769 as I realized that size 2E is way too loose, hence, this is where I first experienced pain in my soles probably because of the rubbing.

4.  PIM Nov 2009 – 5:39 – Hardheaded that I am, I again used the NB 769 only to feel greater pain at the 26K mark on the same sole, I already told my wife that I’m quitting as I can’t step on my feet further, but she convinced me to change in my Nike shoes and socks and wonder of wonders, was able to finish as it was more comfortable and the pain subsided a little bit.

5.  Cebu Marathon – Jan 2010 – 5:34 – After consultations, I bought the new Asics Kayano 16 which I used during the Rizal day run but sadly, another pain emerged, it’s now on my Metatarsal (it’s the part where we normally tie our shoelaces).  I only have 2 theories, It’s either the shoe is not fitted for me or  since I bought a size 10 (my other shoes are 9.5), it was quite loose so  I kept on tightening the shoelaces and at the 30K mark, that’s where I felt the pain in the bones, I must admit, Asics has the best cushioning I’ve used but since the pain is now on top, I had a hard time running the last 12K hence, another disappointing finish.

6.  Condura – Feb 2010 – 5:11 – A new PR, but again my target time was at the very least a 4:45, and this is my issue with my Asics Kayano 16:  Whenever I tighten the laces, I start feeling the pain in my metatarsals, when I loosen it, I ‘m having a hard time controlling my steps so it was a choice between a tight shoelace or the rubbing in my soles due to the loose laces, in the end I got both, pain in my soles and pain in the metatarsal, what a bummer!

During the midnight run last Jan, 31, I bought another shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 (didn’t tell the wife about this he he) to check if it’s really the shoe that was causing it, although I managed to run 37.6kms, my problem is the soles of Mizuno is quite hard as I already know the cushioning of  Asics so I still used my Kayano 16 at the Condura with disastrous result.  And now it’s less than a month before BDM, I still can’t find the right shoes to use and the wife is now calling me an addict as I kept on hinting on buying another shoe on sale (kuno) .

Oh well, just the same we had a good laugh one early morning when she saw me preparing my things for another run after 2 consecutive days of biking and running and it goes like this:

Wife:  Tatakbo ka na naman?

Me:  Oo bakit?

W:  Di ba kakatakbo mo lang kahapon?

Me:  E ano ba mas gusto mo tanungin sa akin? “Iinom ka na naman ba? or gigimik ka with your barkada? or tatakbo ka?

End of dialogue. Wife goes back to sleep after a hearty laugh.

At the finish line during the Cebu Marathon


With Team HC after the Cebu Marathon - Odessa, Jay, and Papi Jonel

Finishing the Condura in a new PR

With Ronnie (Runner for Christ) and the Binan runners

With Mel my running buddy from Runnex

With Dennis, the Running Fatboy who was my constant buddy in Cebu and Condura

The Wife with Queenie of

With the group

With the Bald Runner during the CLP in Cebu

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